Thursday, February 12, 2009


Just came back from my ridiculous night class. My eastern herbal medicine class is seriously a joke, i feel like i'm getting punked every week Thursday night. So today's class topic was meditation. Really what is there to talk about on meditation, but apparently she managed to squeeze 1 1/2 hours out of it. This meditation class got so rediculus, some people even managed to ask questions that they think are difficult to answer and sound like their paying attention in class. For example, this girl who sat behind me asked the most idiotic question everrrrr.

Classmate: " When i meditate while standing up with my eyes closed, i tend to sway to one side".

Teacher: "Maybe you should try siting down when you meditate"

Classmate: "But i don't like siting down when i meditate. Is there anyway i can solve this swaying problem, without siting down and remain in my personal meditated position?"

Teacher: "May i ask you about how long will it take you to feel like your swaying, when your meditating "

Classmate: "About 5 minutes or so"

Teacher: "It seems like your just tired and falling asleep. You should just fall asleep when you feel the swaying motion"

Whole class: "LMAO"

Seriously, i think thins class is the most dumbest and useless class ever. But in the end, i think i will miss this class the most after i graduate. Mainly because this is the most hilarious class I've ever taken and the class topics are so ridiculously stupid.
Well, i had the chance to drive the AMG today. All i can say is, "So A-M-A-Z-I-N-G" (Kayne West voice). That car just don't want to be driven slowly, it just purrs when i drive normal, all hells breaks loss when i put it petal to the metal. It's a scary ride, yet very controllable. Anyhow, i've noticed a lot of steers, even when it's top is up....I wonder what things would look like, top down =]..... Nevertheless, driving a 500hp car(v8 supercharged) is an unbelievable experience.
Hella bored in the Foreign Language Lab again....

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