Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I feel a bit relief, with all homework done(except for some reading). So what better to do than to search the web right?? I just high jacked this article from another blog, and found some super hardcore narly shit. So as i was posting earlier today, about the correlation between bad news and a bad economy, my hypothesis seems to be on the right path. Even though it doesn't take a genius to solve this question. First, there are people with the ideology that choking the shit out little people will solve their problems. Second, hurricane katrina type of weather worsens just about everything and anything. Thirdly and lastly, recession at it's most extreme suicidal level....literally...... I feel bad for the guy. We can all get through this economic down turn, just have faith, so everything will be alright.
Zhejiang Young Man’s Suicide Jump Broadcast By News

The Curious Case of Michael Jackson......ekk......

Better days ahead???

Damn it's like hurricane katrina up at state.......i hate the rain.......

I found this article quite amusing. It's on local yahoo news, title states "Alameda Boy Allegedly Choked by Father". The title of this article is basically self explanatory. The reporter states, " When police asked Haidar why he had done so, he "blamed the economy and said he had too many tickets".........lol sometimes you just got to choke the living crap out of someone, in order to relieve your stress. Another shocking quote, " Scott said Haidar told police that he also planned to kill his wife, who wasn't at home at the time the boy allegedly was choked." Hmmmmm, and i wonder why people ask how come I choose to become an econ major. But on the serious note, it'll suck for him because the father will be charged with attempted murder.
Article:"Alameda Boy Allegedly Choked by Father"

Well just came out of my chinese 101 class, mandarin sucks....period...I was looking at some other peoples blog and found this interesting picture. It's a little Japaneses kid next to some 18 or 19 inch wheel. In comparison, the wheels looks bigger than the kid. I need something like that on my rides!

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