Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sometimes staying at home can be very irritating and annoying. While i'm trying to do my research paper, my dad happens to invite like +15 of his hoodlums over. I call them old folks hoodlums because my dad say that they are his old friends, back when they live in china and representing their hood(or village or whatever).....With all them people downstairs, the volume tends to build up to my room(second floor). What made things worst and even more annoying was that they were playing their old school musical instrument, called the "Erhu". Whoever invent this is damn so called chinese instrument need to get strangeled. Seriously, this thing is so damn annoying and loud, it deserves to be banned from the US. Why the f*ck can't they play other muscial instruments, like a piano or a saxophone. Seriously, i feel like(in any second) i will transform into the Hulk and karote chop the damn thing in half and make a camp fire with it.
It's Sunday and there isn't a damn thing to do....except catching up with homework. While I was checking up on other people's blog, an interesting post came up. Apparently, a post stated that Lance Armstrong's one of kind time trial bicycle was stolen, really though who would do something like that...It's one of a kind and to resell this thing would be hard. Anyways, desperate time leads to desperate people. By the way the weather sucks.


jewazi said...

HAHAHA dang ur dad and the gang amplifying music into your room, is it worse then the karaoke singing from last time?!

Danny Tan said...

way worst than karaoke