Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well today was the Nike+ Human Race Challege. So i woke up around 7am and left the house around 7:40am. The route which i choose for this 10k challenge(6.3 miles) was just from my house, throught some hills and around a local track. The results were 61 minutes which was a total of 5 minutes improvement, from my last 10k practice. After the 10k, went home to shower and dim sumed with my family. Following the brunch, went swimming with my bros and cousin. The swim was fun, i dived for the first time ever. My diving experience wasn't scary at all, after learning to to deal with diving with my head directly into the too me a few tries to get it down but i had it down after about 3-4 tries. What i've also relized was that i had a bit of headache after like thr 8th or 10th dive, lol.. After the pool fun, I went to hotpot+bbq over at my cousins house, everything was off the chain!!! That was until i had the itis and was knocked out cold until 10pm...Anyways that what happen today, nothing but fun =]

side note: from the days over days of outdoor activities, the sun burn finally gots to me -_-

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