Friday, August 29, 2008


Today must of been one of those frustrating days. I put about 4-5 hours trying to swap out the front sways bars on the 240sx, the problem which had me stuck and made me gave up was the swaybar endlinks. I just couldn't break them loose, so i just reinstalled everything and probably reinstall the tanabe swaybars next week, at my uncle's shop. Aside from the car problem, i did the 10k training which was roughtly 6.2 semi-miles, took me 1h 06min. This so call training was just a preparation for the Sundays 8-31-2008 "The Nike+ Human Race Challenge", it was too bad but i will try to get a faster record.... so i'm ready for it!

Whats for tomorrow???
Probably going to swim, maybe some weight training, and maybe..just maybe going to eat korean food with the "maybe girl"

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