Thursday, August 21, 2008

My First Post


Hey everyone, my name is Danny Tan. Nothing too special about me, just an ordinary SFSU student trying to graduate. Anyways this so called "blog" would be somewhat of a journal and visual/picture story of my everyday life.

Onto my first post, i would like to talk about my summer o8 LA trip with my family and relatives. We went on a four day vacation, places include; the old chinatown, bape+kidrobot store, melrose boutiques, hollywood blvd, and some places which I forgot. Oh yes, and a Chinese temple on hacienda. So lets see if I can find some cool pictures =]

Some updates for my car project
Need to install:
-5zigen FN wheels
-98 240sx USDM side skirts
-Tanabe Sustec Sway bars
-r32 brake conversion
-paint brake + car???

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