Saturday, August 30, 2008


Later Tonight

Had dinner with rose and her sister, at a Korean restaurant. So lets see what i got for my b-day present. Oh yeah, the cake was awesome! Chocolate, my FAVORITE =]

Today i went to Milbre festival, lots of people and lots of fun! Once again, garlic food and soul food BBQ in the house. To list some of the delicious food: garlic fries, babyback ribs, ribeye steak sandwich, bbq chicken on a boat. In addition to the lovely food and sight, the music festival was hella sick. The New Temptation(not the real one) performed and they sound phenomenal + priceless, very very impressive soul music / ol school group. The music was so good, i was jamming it with the crowd...LOL... Aside from the good music and food, swimming was fun too. Later at the pool, had some practice of the cartwheel and swim around, did that about 30 minutes and finally mastered it! Very pleased with the result and what to improve next is to swim faster freestyle swimming. Oh yes, almost forgot the ol school car show!!!

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