Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Another day, another problem. Just when i was getting ready for my 5 days vacation, i found out that i ran over a can of paint while coming home on the freeway. As a result, there are lots of paint under my car and on the wheel well. I guess my plans for tomorrow will be cleaning the car, doing a tire rotation, and prepare the rear skyline brake conversion....oh yes, not to forget that I will be getting started with my homework = (

As for today's excitement, i did about 2 hour traing and weighted myself. To my surprise, i weighted 158 pounds, which is just a pound under being in the category of normal weight, according to the body mass index calculator = ]

Before the wrap of this post, i would like to provide a picture which pretty much sums up my summer, with all the hardcore training, and a memorable marathon which words couldn't describe....well maybe the word extraordinary or priceless experience

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