Saturday, May 21, 2011


Recap last night after work. Right after work had dinner over at this restaurant at Millbre, that place was a straight up joke. Items on the menu were sky high and the not good at all and plan salty. I think the only areason why the place is still open is because it's a Chinese restaurant and a location of convenience for rich Chinese folks who does not know how to cook.they lucky i forgot the name of the place but it's the restaurant right next to the shanghair restaurant on broadway. Anyhow, right after dinner I had headed over to the century 20 theatre at daly city with some coworkers and their fiends. The ratings were so hype up for the pirates of carribean 3 so we had to go watch it in blue ray 3D. And 20 minutes into movie, i had dozed off. Basically the film was overrated, no bueno. I would not want to recommend anyone to watch it unless they just want to finish the saga. Waste of mulas. As far as for the plans after work on a Saturday, I'll be heading over to Cupertino to attend another banquet dinner which should be fun. I wish I had the time to update about the Mexico trip but been too damn busy every single day since I got back, less than 6 hours of sleep constantly and out every night. Moreover, I feel like a college student again( ain't got time for nuttin).

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