Thursday, May 12, 2011


Ughhhh daymmmm. Got up extra early here at SFO, haven't done this for awhile. I already feel the travel atmosphere. Finally get to let loose and really forget about work, stress free for a week. By the way, everything went smoothly yesterday and was able to close another contract, we bout to get paid for not doing jack. It's nice knowing that there will be guarantee income without doing notting, literally making money every second of the day even while I'm sleeping....praise the lord. Ohweeeee. After I get back from Mexico there will just be one more big contract before I'm done and hopefully be able to also sell the 7. Oh yeah, I just remember I got nominated to go to Florida in July by the company, hopefully I'll get it and get to travel this big ass country a little more. Anyhow, it's about to time to depart. Deuces.

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