Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Just got back from a late night run around the neighborhood, about 2 miles. It feels great running late night, especially when it's a cold but not windy night, was able to clear my mind and view the hundreds of stars in the clear sky. Before the run, I was able to catch lunch/dinner/dessert with one of my long time friend, known for very long time, who would also like to remain classified from this entry. I thought the late night get together was great, was able to catch up with a lot of things especially when we haven't really spoke in a while. By the way, I was mad hungry and was just grubbing away while we was chatting because I have not eaten lunch earlier today. Anyhow, it have been a really hectic day, both the get together and late night run had really help cleared my mind up. Oh yeah, I've been trying to commit to my new years resolution which is to loss weight by going for a run at least 3-4 times a week....

100% sweet cafe, shrimp & vegi spaghetti

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