Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sunday- Aite out with mom at Intramuro. She was just hungry and didn't have any preference, but I wanted some Filipino food. She said the place felt strange, I didn't want to spoil the meal and have her get up and leave before they serve the food. So after everything was serve, I told her a little history of the place and she got a little mad because she said she would never have walked in if she knew what the place was before. So Intramuro was a mortuary which then converted into a bar&restaurant. On the menu, we got the Beef Nilaga soup and Breaded Catfish Escabeche with salsa+mango and garlic rice(crack). She said the food was ok but I liked it. I guess at the end everything was fine.

Saturday- Got off work super late. Dropped off my co-worker home and received a call from some old friends. So happens to be Carolyn, middle school bud and Vincent, homie since kindergarten. Initally, they wants to go get some dessert but I havent had anything to eat the entire day but a corn dog. For this reason, I was like lets go get something to eat over at san mateo. There we meet up and ate at the San Mateo Prime. It was delicious, 8oz prime rib w mash potato and gravy and creme spinach, but anything would proabably be good when going on an entire day without a proper lunch. Afterward, we hung out at my place and introduced them to Jack. Then just hung around and caught up with our lives, socializing....good times....

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