Friday, January 28, 2011


I wonder how could people tell. I've been told multiple times from close friends and coworkers that I look unhappy/sad whenever we go out. I don't whine or even express myself about work when I'm around them. Already, i've had many same facial stares from them when we're out to eat, they all just give me this same semi-long stare and say that "you look so sad"(kind of awkward if you ask me because my mouth is full). Of course I always ask them how do you know and how did I give it away, they all say that my gestures gives it away. I'm like wtf are you a fortunate teller??? But yeah, keep in mind that I can become a good actor when I'm at work but I guess people can still catch me slippin when I get in my comfort zone. Moreover, its not that I hate my job completely but there's just a lot on my mind...most of the more spacing out between conversations.

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