Friday, November 5, 2010


Began my three day weekend today. I still think that it's too short because day 1 was dedicated to errands. First thing first was to sort out some violation ticket at the millbrae police station. Second, spent 30minutes at work to take care of some time sensitive stuff...smh on my pto too...After that, I dropped off my bucket at the Honda dealership for an oil change. While that was being taken care of, mom wanted to go out. She simply requested that we should go shopping and I was like alright, then she blurted out valley fair and I was like she is exploiting the shit out of me on my day off...smh. So we shopped for a bit and stuck around for lunch. Afterwards we headed over to kaiser pt to attend her biweekly check up. Doctors said she's recovering at a pretty good pace but time is still a factor....i guess i cant complain. All in all, Day 1 wasn't all that bad.

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