Thursday, November 18, 2010


Another day, another dollar. Damn, working back at the bank after a long vacation feels too familiar again, feels like shit. Anyhow, now that the branch consist of a full body staff+completely new staff, I've instantly became a mentor to more than one employee...(sigh)... shit I don't even get paid more to mentor others....smfh...Anyways, with the new members in the group, I'd expected to see some young tellers steeping in. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, we're about the same age but if not than older. Normally, managers would higher younger candidates as teller because of fresh new faces tends to bring in more sales. As for now, I guess we'll have to work with what we're given and hopefully they're street smart and is able to get their hustle on. I just hope that i'll either get a raise or receive another opportunity elsewhere. Nonetheless, I guess now that I'm part of the branch's "OG"' status and the "Young Bucks" must get their grind on or be out.

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