Friday, November 12, 2010


Veteran's Day/Ceres birthday

Yes, finally the 4 day weekend begins. I haven't been writing much lately or even been posting a lot because I had a lot on my plate. Work had been a little hectic lately because of the shortage of help at work and on top of that became a mentor. I feel so damn old, now that I became a mentor and need to be micro-managing and training my protege....sigh... All in all, I hope my protege will be able succeed while she's under my wings and that she can help out lessen my work load. On the brighter side, I'll be enjoying a short break away from work! So late this afternoon, I received a call from my old mentor who offered me to go watch the Pacquaio vs Margarito fight tomorrow i'll be attending to that. Before the fight I'll probably check out downtown tomorrow around noon time because I got to drop bro off his school field trip......smh

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