Thursday, November 25, 2010


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everybody!

I'm not sure weather it's just that the holiday season coming around or am I just been stressing a lot. Right before Thanksgiving day my mom decided to just blew shit out of proportion and I snapped back. As a result, shit's been quiet. I know I should not be letting shit burst out like that but I guess I've just had a lot on my mind and all these issues just been built up, one thing then led to another and frustration got to me. Earlier today, while running around the neighborhood, I had this single blasting on my ipod, it was really an exact expression of what I was feeling at the time. The song's called "talking to the moon" by Bruno Mars. It's been a crazy crazy journey for me lately, especially when I haven't had someone true to talk to in a long long time...sigh...I hope things will turn around one of these days.

"At night when the stars light up my room I sit by myself. Talking to the Moon. Try to get to You. In hopes you're on the other side. Talking to me too. Or am I a fool who sits alone, Talking to the moon"

-Bruno Mars

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