Saturday, June 6, 2009


I feel like I haven't been blogging for awhile and not posting consistently. Well my most recent update is that I still haven't found a job yet and turned down my first offer. I turned down Farmers Insurance Group because i don't really want to be selling stuff for the next few years and wanted to find something that would better fit my personality. Aside from job search, as for personal pleasure and stuff, I just received my new super media center desktop computer. With this new computer, I hope to be able to make more video clips and take some really really cool pictures. I think it is my new hobby is to work with media software and just basically be creative(show my creative side). Anyhow, i did take a lot of pictures but can't post them just yet because there is a little bit of error trying to get on the internet with this new super computer. It sucks not being able to use this computer to internet+new computer=fail =[

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