Monday, June 29, 2009


It was boring in Rome today, mainly because many places were closed due to some type of Italian holiday. Anyhow, it was one of the most boring days ever, we just chilled at the Spanish steeps for an hour or so, the pay off was a good tanning. Nothing really special today, just walked up and down the shopping streets more than 10 times, while doing so we tried to free load as much air conditioning as possible(it's that hot in Rome but not as hot as China). So the latest news about coming back to the states is that we'll be leaving on July 1st, rather than the 3oth, because there wasn't no seat for us for that day. Anyhow, i'll be missing this place just a little, just a little because the food over here is over rated and hella expensive...along with clothing and everything....Furthermore, i can't wait to get back home and chow down a large bowl of rice =]

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