Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today I went to check out the Vatican City. This little holy city was alright, i guess, mainly because i don't know much about their religion. Anyhow when i got there, i had to wait in line for like 30 minutes in the heat just to get into the Vatican, while standing under the scorching summer heat. The security check station was also a pain, i felt like i was in an airport security check point, there were so many regulations such as; no shorts, tank top, and etc. Anyhow, the Vatican was indeed "Holy", everything inside was so spiritual, with paintings, sculptures, and lots of gold(even preserved VIP's). After checking out some tombs and holy stuff, i splashed myself with some holy water(hopefully giving me some good luck). After the holy sprinkle, i had to walk up this 1 mile high steeps, just to get to the very top of the building/church. And when i got up there, my back was all wet but things did pay off when i got to the top. The top was like an eagle's eye, you could see entire Rome up there and the view was just breath taking(it was God-like view). What came after was the long walk back down the stairs, another wet back...sigh....After checking out the Pope's crib, i meet up with Ramon at the Via del Corso street, where all the clothing shops were located( i lost him while i was using the holy toilet). Ummm, not much more to say but i had enough of pasta and pizza. I thought i would never say this but i miss eating rice and pho =[

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