Monday, June 22, 2009

6-23-09 London Time

Well i just highjacked someone's computer account at the Sherton Hotel, they forgot to sign off. Anyhow, we checked out the Tower of London today, along with some castles and bunch of other cool sightings. It was nice to walk through the tower of london/london bridge, mainly because we always see this scene in movies and tvb shows(always talking about going to school in the UK and stuff). To top things off was that we had coffee next to the bridge, forgot the name of the coffee shop but they somehow didn't offer creme and milk for coffee(they're hardcore like that).So far, this traveling/adventure/expedition has been exciting and fun. What i've learn so far from this trip is really to just have fun with your life and be yourself. People here is so nice and are always welcome to help tourist out(like myself). Ummmm...what else is there to talk about.....Uhh, i still don't know what to get for souveniers and stuff, mainly a lot of stuff you can get here in london can be bought in the state for about 30%-40% less. Oh yeah, i still haven't got over the british accent, we've been trying to speak like them throughout this trip so we can sound like locals and not get ripped off....sadly we failed to speak like british local pros. Still it is really strange to see someone who looks like us(chinese) and they speak with a strong british accent, even more weird is that black people are behaving themselves(not trying to be racist or anything). Seriously, ever since i've been here, there has not been any crime nor bank robberies in london...just amazing...Oh yeah, i mine as well add that this "good behavior" might be backed by what we call the big brother in the states, which are CCTV 24hour security camera watch on the streets.


Twosidestory said...

I am still not reading it..I am WAITING..haha..

jewazi said...

remember to take lots of pix