Sunday, June 21, 2009


Currently i am at the Knightsbridge inside the PCworld store. So far our trip has been fun and Ramon has been a total bitch(hella attitude). Anyhow we've visited many museums; British museum, royal gallerias, the and many more. Also an embarrassing moment at the lawn of Queen Elizabeth's palace was that i fell on the steps and scraped my elbow, something which we call scarred for life. Oh yes, people are very friendly here, no one gives attitude except for "Ramon". Oh yeah, Transformer 2 came out in theater yesterday in London, a whole week ahead of America. Language in England has been quite a funny experience, mainly because everyone speak with an "English" accent, i still haven't got over the fact that even Chinese and Black people are capable of speaking with an English accent.

An interesting location in central london is a place called Soho. Soho/Piccadilly Circus is basically a copy cat of San Francisco, everything there were like for tourist and stuff like that(many restaurant and shops). While we was there yesterday, we had some steak and pork chop for dinner, i didn't realize how raw my steak was when i asked for medium rare. Anyhow, the food here is delicious and the alcohol here is abundance, everyone drinks alcohol here. Oh yeah, I had my first real Guinness beer in london, that drink is so pure and dark, it's quite hard to explain the taste because the foams turns into liquid(from a whole cup of foam). After dinner, we checked out Chinatown and it felt the same as when we was back in the city, it was dirty and smelly.

Before this whole trip, we stopped by New York City. While we was there we checked out time square and wall street. It was quite scary getting there because we had to ride the train through Jamaica Queens, very scary where 50cent grew up(lots of projects and graffiti/and gangsters). It was quite fun when we got to time square, checking out all the yellow cabs and where MTV hold the celebration of the new year. Oh yeah, it was ridiculously expensive when taking a short cab ride from time square to the JFK airport, $50 smackers.

I know my writing is extremely broken right now, due to quick usage and hogging and public computer.


jewazi said...

nice, how come you stopped by nyc?

Twosidestory said...

I like to read all these..but I rather have you tell me in person..HAHA..STORY TIME!!!

Danny T. said...

We stopped by nyc because we had to hop on another plan to get to london. Oh yeah J, i'll hold a story telling session when i get back to the states....i know you miss me =]