Friday, March 25, 2011


Was surfing the net and came upon this photo by banksy. Sometimes I think his arts are somewhat political but at the same time portraying what's real. What's real about this is that it looks like our generation is the lost generation, adolescences without jobs, no real careers, in their mid 20's and still in school for their undergrad...smfh. That's just fucken sad, very much like an extended version of high school activities where dating and partying means the shit in life. I'm not trying to dog or hate on anyone particularly but it's just too real not to realize what our generation had evolved into. Seriously, people just can't blame it on the recession and using extended-education(schooling) as an excuse and still be living under they mama house. I'm not saying that I ain't living under my mama house but if anyone were to put those two together, not working and living with moms, then that's just sad. Yes not everyone have the money or blessing from the beginning, like myself, but most importantly many people simply lost their motivation. Moreover, the classic slippery-slope path falls underway.

Lunch with mama at the san mateo Izakaya Mai. Caterpillar and Titanic roll.
I would never imagine this girl on the radio would be a white singer..smfh. Adele's got soul in her like for real for real.

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