Friday, March 11, 2011


Fml. Looks like work must continue. This shit fucken sucks, even with the world coming to an end people are still force to go to work....even when the news told people to evacuate the area...smfh

Was woken up hella early by this phone call at 6am. I was told to not show up at work today, and I was like am I getting the boot? She was like naw-dawg, you stupid, there's going to be a tsunami at Pacifica and everyone there must be evacuated! So I was like Ayte, Pacifica is a beach after all. Turn on the news to see if boss was shittin me. Turns out she wasn't, the tsunami was the ripple effect from japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake! Holy fucken shit, that's like off the freaking richter. CNN is covering the story now and the aftermath looks pretty serious, like hurricane Katrina serious! It's sweeping everything in sight and even tokoyo japan was effected big time. Needless to say, the nikkei market experienced the sharp decline and their market closes immediately. So much for the 3rd largest economy in the world, the US market will definitely feel the effect early today. Moreover, heart goes out to the people who've been effected by the tsunami in japan.

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