Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I was watchin Martin Lawrence on mtv2 the other day and I see this boy "bruh-man" hella familiar. I too always have a random ass frequent visitor at my place all the time....Even when i'm not at home or when I'm just sleepin in the middle of the night...smfh....seriously bruh-man ain't no joke, they eat all your food. locking your door don't seem to be safe no more....

I feel like i broke my knee. Banged my knee on the corner of the bed, which is low and sharp. shit hurts like hell, I've been crippled at work and limped the entire day -____-
Uhhh, was choppin it up with a old friend and we had an interesting conversation. So the conversation was about how people work in one particular industry and they tend to stay within those industry such as if you're in the construction industry then you'll always be physical labor or an accountant will always be an accountant because of trained skills. What really suck was how we came to a conclusion to how we both are bored with the job and seems like there is no longer motivation within our company/industry. The big question now is what will we do when we no longer work in this industry, since we've been so trained to do what we're entitled to do. At the same time, what if you're in the industry which you dislike but you're good at it. Damn, I guess we're heading to another mid-life crisis. I mean no college students will ever think this way. The reality is we're just growing old and trying to find a life long path....or it's just reality sinking in.

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