Monday, March 14, 2011


UhhHh, daylight savings sucks so0o much by losing 1 hour, still hella tired from the 1 day weekend. Not only was it a one day weekend but it had to rain that day, smfh. It seems a Zeus is punishing errrbody. I seriously feel bad for the people of Japan though, i mean they're the 3rd largest economy in the world. They really got shitted on, major earthquake then a deadly tsunami then a nuclear explosion/leaking radiation. As a result of the natural disaster, it's currently showing approximate 10,000 people dead and counting. I've never imagine myself in a natural disaster like this but I can't even comprehend the extent of the damages. I mean wtf is going to happen to people's job, still gotta work??? Am I going to collect unemployment?? what about the mortgage of their home when it's washed away?? what about their next credit card bill and etc,?? Shit like this definitely needs some type divine universal natural disaster guide to keep the economy moving. Not to mention, CNN indicate that Japan as a country shifted 8 feet towards the United States. Like really though, this shit is for real though it seems like the theory of 2012 is somewhat true. But any how, once you've dive yourself into the realm of finance there are hundreds of answer you would like to know. What I really like to know is how the Japanese economy is going to perform; especially when they are highly dependent on natural gas, import of food, tourism, and lastly their holy grail of Japanese economy which is the automotive industry. Nevertheless, it's such a sad sight to see how a major economy crumble in minutes of a natural disaster. One thing my parent pointed out was that people were still so discipline after the disaster. People weren't looting or stealing from anyone, they even lined up for help and stayed calm. If this shit had happen to me, I would of gone all out crazy like 2005 Katrina. "Bush don't care about black people"....smfh. Moreover, it's just insane what's been happening around the world lately. RIP to them fallen peepz of Japan.

By the way check this dumb broad out. Even though it may be the finals week, you should still have a heart. People still ignorant. smfh.

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