Sunday, September 19, 2010


Just got back from a long walk in city. First off, walked around the annual sf chinatown autumn moon festival. There was just bunch of people scattered and traffic(human) everywhere. Because it was so crowded, I just gave up looking each stall and walked over to downtown. While heading over downtown, there were just bunch of ideas and re-realization going through my mind. Ranging from all the luxury/exotic cars to all the high-end clothing companies, our economy simply runs on excessive luxury goods. In other words, the main factor for why so many companies have been folded or merged...leading to unemployment and job loss. To make things worst, banks aren't lending and consumer interest rates been tanking, thus, investors loss confidence in investing in general....sigh....This just makes me wonder how America is going to revive from this recession...especially when China is about to be ahead of us.....smh

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