Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today was my first real Saturday off since i've been working. The day started out with some breakfast at "The Kitchen'. Afterward, we did some shopping at Tanforan, there was still a lot of shoppers despite the aftermath of black Friday sales. And after we've shopped at the mall, I miraculously wanted to go for a long run. As I result, I suited up and ran the Millbre hills. Sadly, I find myself more out of shape than ever. My rusty legs needed some dusting off, I could no longer run 5 miles straight. So with more and more frequent rest/walking period, throughout the run, I found my self 10 minutes slower than my usual pace. Anyhow, as I was walking home I saw two old ladies(+70) trying to maneuver a cabinet into the back seats. I don't know why but I just somehow offered those old ladies some help. They thanked me with some religious term(this happened outside the church), they said something like,"Thank God he sent you here at the right time and place to bless us with your help"(simplified version). Anyhow, it's funny what simple things like being a good Samaritans can do for certain people.

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