Thursday, April 7, 2011


The weather have been really nice over here on the south side of the coast. But just today it's been really cold and windy but at least its still sunny out here. There shouldn't be any complaint especially with a day without a thunderstorm or a tsunami warning. Anyhow, I was just choppin it up with the district manager about my case and what we should do from here on out. It looks like there's always both a good and bad news whenever there are any news, sucks that I'll still be out of the academy and will be stuck at my location for now. Good thing is that I'll get another shot during fall...sigh...Still, its been a hard blow and hard to stay motivated after all the bullshit I've been through for the last 3 months. I guess now's the time to catch up with all the task I've put aside. Time to go find some tenants and buyers out there, and keep on truckin and hustlin. But for real though, I feel like I'm being punished.

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