Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Damn it, it's so fucken depressing know that one mishap in the career map can lead to so many closed opportunities. Today was once again one of those slow and painfully dragging long day, learning that i'll be out of the academy and most likely not being able to move to a different location. And on top of that, deal with peoples problem and a wannabe manager...smfh. Even though it's not appropriate to talk about your employer, sometimes you just got to vent and call them cheap and shady. Sigh. Especially when they add more fuel on top of the fire. Anyways I just can't let this shit weigh me down right about now. It's time to put that shit in the past, recoup, restructure and plan things out. I feel like once again I'm starting from scratch. Conclusion, 2011 have been nothing but a bitch.

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