Saturday, April 23, 2011


Haven't been blogging lately due to juggling with hella different projects at the same time. Anyhow, as far as for property management goes, it's slowly coming together and cash flow has gotten much better now with one contract being set and stone. With one down, it made a large contribution in helping out with the mountain of debt....True story, all Americans live on debts. On the otherhand, debt also brings in more money which kind of sound contridicting but it's true; "It takes money to make money". As far as for working for the company, there are talk here and there to see where's the best place to place me due to "politics". Even with a large set back from investment licensing, I did not want to be stuck here with the same position for the next 6 months, so I had to make a move like a chess puzzle. At least now I can see that I'm no longer a inferior, it finally looking bright. All in all, I'll still be happy wherever I go because my currently location and pay ain't cutting it. HmMmm, whatelse. Right, the only thing I'll miss most are my apprentices and the new manager, one of the nicest manager ever....As of so far. And now the plan for the next few weeks; are to get the rest of the units rented out and then get the 7 sold so I can start working on something else. Hopefully there's still some credit room to help invest in another property or even possibly a business =]

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