Friday, August 6, 2010


Net surfing and came upon this photo. What we're looking at is an outdoor pool located in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Today was my day off and was able to get whole load of errands taken care off. Seems like I had dropped by the entire bay area; oakland, san francisco, san mateo. Anyhow, can't believe this was how I spent a day off work. Next week should be fun because I requested a 3 day weekend. Don't know what I would be doing but hopefully not errands again. On the other hand, while surfing the net, I see this new MV from Kanye West. I think it's pretty dope. I remembered way long ago, probably my highschool senior/freshman college year, I copped the first ever kanye west album(college drop out) and been bumpin his music from back then in my '86 bucket and his shit still dope. His music had changed quite a bit from his first album, now he's pretty much on the mature lyrics with them continuous epic dope beats.



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