Sunday, August 22, 2010

8-22-2010 next investment....

..sigh...the work schedule this week was horrible. for the entire week, we were under staff because a banker was on a long vacation, therefore, two of us bankers need to make up for the store sales. when i thought nothing worst can happen, things indeed had gotten worst. things had hit the fan when i had to work solo both friday and saturday, meaning i single handily have to meet the entire store sales(making enough sales of an equivalent to 3 bankers). as you can imagine, the most busy days at the banks are friday and i had to slave away by myself. for this reason, i did not get off until 9pm on a friday night. to add more bullshit to this matter, i had to show up to work the following morning to do a repeat. all in all, i was just drained while working yesterday and was a bit delirious at work. following work, i was just too overwhelmed from work and wasn't even exited to go home....probably knowing that i'll be back to work on monday as the only banker...

now here i am on a sunday afternoon just trying to have a relaxing day. this was how i spent my sunday:
-stopped by starbuck
-shop for furniture at Room & Board
-help mom out
-watch "the prince of persia"

......such an unclear path....

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