Thursday, August 26, 2010


Currently I am taking a lunch break at a local startbuck near by work. To get away from the insanity at work, I have been bringing food from home to starbucks and free-load their wifi connection. Let's see, other updates....Recently I have been applying for jobs, since my current location consist of bad management and ridiculous sales goals. For this reason, I find no incentive to stay even though I've been doing real well in sales. Nonetheless, I believe the poor management of the company had single handly pushed me over the edge and created such a bad vibe between the employee and the much for this company to aquire Wachovia....Hopefully my most recent interview had gone well and hopefully they'll bring me happiness in a new working environment. Anyhow, lunch time is almost up...time to log off.

.....why this place doing me so wrong.....

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