Monday, June 28, 2010


Today was such an exhausting day. I just couldn't believe all the errands I've completed had taken up my entire day, just been damn busy(bills and family errands). Just when I thought that I've completed most of of my objectives for day and was somewhat relieved, I received a call from a close friend from whom I'm always looking forward and enjoyed to speak to. Unfortunately, this time the call wasn't so pleasant .Upon the short message over the phone, she'd shared some unfortunate news where I can relate to some extent. My heart just dropped, knowing that her situation was very serious. In many ways it helped me also to realize that life is too short and we should all enjoy the best of it with all of our close family and friends. All in all, I wish her family the best and with a hopeful quick recovery. Key thing is to continue preying and seeking for that miracle somewhere out there. Most importantly, for her and her family to continue to keep their heads up and pull through this hard time.

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