Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today was such a nice day to be outdoor. Unfortunately I was busy working at the bank, however, I was able to hang out at the beach during my lunch break. The beach was packed today, many people were surfing and others just soaking up the sun. Probably beach goers thought I was disoriented because I was fully suited walking on the beach. Although I was fully clothed, it wasn't too hot for me since the waves kept the environment cool. Following work, I grabbed some dinner with one of my blogger fan over at San Mateo.....forgot what the place was called but it was alright. Nonetheless seeing this person in a dress made my day, I never thought this day would come....expect the unexpected ; )


Twosidestory said...

I'm your Blogger Fan?

Sure thing.. =D

Danny T. said...

Love the pictures you took!