Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yay got my car fixed on my off day, no more annoying rattling windows. Because Andy was freakin lazy(like always) and didn't want to give me a ride to the Honda dealership, I had to ride the OG razor scooter all the way down there. While riding down to the dealership, I was given odd looks by local pedestrians and people who were driving by. I probably looked like an idiot but I got to do what I got to do right??? Oh yeah, I just found out that Mercedes dealership got the worst warranty ever, no wonder people prefer BMW and their warranty/services over Mercedes. Yet, while I was getting the SL55 fixed I also had the chance to check out the newer model Mercedes. First things first, I went straight to S65, the car is gorgeous. The S65 felt a little more sportier and more refined(fit and finish) but the Lexus LS460 was much more comfortable and felt best for everyday drive. Sadly I don't have the disposable income for either of these luxury automobiles. Nonetheless, the AM-Geezy is still a beast O_O

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