Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's almost time to farewell 2009. Time to recap. 2009 has been a very exciting and adventures year for me. I was able to finish college which I thought would have taken 5 years to complete (luckily I put in extra effort into studying my ass off during my senior year). Then there was all the sports events I've participated in, just to name a few; Wildflower triathlon, kaiser half marathon and Bay to Breakers. Next, I was lucky enough to travel half way across the globe to Europe, along with a tour of northern east coast of the US and Canada(priceless memories). Last but not least, I got myself a "J-O-B" which my parents had been bugging about ever since my graduation. Although it isn't the best job in the world, it still beats not having a job like many newly graduates. Nevertheless, I hope we will all prosper in 2010. And for now....Happy New Years Eve.

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