Tuesday, October 6, 2009


aHhHh, I now know what a 9 to 5 job feels like in a cubicle. As for my schedule it's 8:30am to 5:30pm job, but my day starts at 7:20am and I get home by 6:40pm. Why the long schedule you might ask. Well the job training center is located in Santa Clara, the mourning rush hour and afternoon rush hour; accumulates to 2 extra hours of work(which extremely suck).On top of that, i drive my dad's Lexus LX470 which is a full size SUV and it literally gulps down a gallon of gasoline every 10 miles or so(total commute each day is 65 miles). Anyhow, the teller isn't hard at all, if you are not shy with public speaking, but there is a lot of law and regulations we got to remember. But we all learn quickly from redundant task/experience and what not. As a result of leaving for work so early and returning home this late, I feel like I am losing a lot more free time. These free time includes, catching up with TVB dramas, surfing the net, and so on. However, hopefully this dull life style will change when I'll be actually working at my local branch(no more long travels and more sleep). Nonetheless, I hope this job is able to fuel some extra cash for a potential future small business plan =]


jewazi said...

hope you like your job! i was watchin icarly in ur room the other day lol

bbychynadoll said...

i'm waiting for dinner on YOU when you get your first paycheck cuzzo! ;)