Sunday, October 25, 2009


Just returned home not too long ago. The day started by going out to pay respect to my grandparent's cemetery near the Serramonte mall. The Chinese term we call this occasion is "hong sahn" or literally in English "walk the mountain" or "pray to the mountain". Anyways we paid our respect and had a small little feast in front of the tombstone. Come to think of it, it may be a culture shock to people of other ethnicity but it's just Chinese culture that they're not familiar with. So0o everyone had chit chat with our dad's side of the family, which we rarely see, and it was nice catching up with the younger generations(they've grown so much). Following that, we dropped by the Lexus dealer to check out some new cars and we had the chance of taking the LS460 out for a test drive. I was blown away how nice the flagship car performed, it was s0o0 damn luxury and comfortable, the only down side was the starting price was $70k. Yet I can totally understand why it had cost so much, I felt like a airplane captain while driving around(amazing feeling). Tony wanted to go out to the Mercedes dealer to check out the competition over at the Burlingame dealer, the Mercedes S500, but my dad and I was kind of tired. Hence, we didn't get to check that car out...maybe next week. As for later tonight, I've gotten the message that there will be a family gathering at my cousin's house. I hope there is a lot of food waiting for us CINDY =]

It's been a slow day......

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