Friday, October 30, 2009


Just returned home not too long ago. I've been slowly recovering from this cold, I blame my co-workers for dragging me to the beach at night and freezing my ass off last week. Anyhow, it's good Friday for me! yippee for payday! After work, I joined some of my old friends down at the san francisco north beach park to play some football. Following some exercise, we dropped by my friend Wilmer's house and played some Tekken 6 on his playstation 3. The game was fun and all, it brought back lots of memories of high school, the game Tekken was the shiznit back in the days. After some quick gaming, a bunch of old friends and I ate dinner at House of Thai at clement st.(Richmond), that place never gets old. The first time I ate at that place was probably in sophomore year in high school, a few buddies of mine introduced me to my first time to Thai food, the spiciness got me hooked instantly. Needless to say, thai food is yummie. I don't know why I am still up, but I will be needing to wake up early tomorrow to open up the bank.

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