Monday, September 28, 2009


Felt like I haven't been blogging for awhile. There hasn't been much interesting stuff happening these past few days, mainly because summer time is fading away and fall is setting in. It's a strange feeling with the weather nowadays, it's been getting dark fairly quickly and it just messes up my sleeping schedule. Anyhow on Saturday my family and I spent the entire day in Chinatown and it was hella hot that day. At Chinatown, people were celebrating the Chinese National/Independence parade at the kearny street playground/plaza. The sighting was alright i guess, with all the OG Chinese having fun with representing for their home country and screaming away with their infamous karaoke skills. Then on Sunday we had some family get together, had yum-cha/brunch and shopped a little afterward. It was pretty amazing to see how much my cousin paypay has grown, haven't seen her for the longest time, she's almost as tall as grandma. As for today, yum-cha again and did a little baby sitting with Ceres, she's grown a bit too. She grew a couple of teeth and has gotten much heavier...sigh....Watching Ceres grow is just too familiar, like a flashback, the same way I've watched paypay grow up. Nonetheless, I guess I'm just feeling a bit plain old. Why can't I be 21 again!?!?!?

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