Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Had an interview today as a personal banker for Wells Fargo bank. A description of what this job title include is all the responsibilities of a teller, sell bank products; certificate deposits(CD), loan, credit card, Independent Retirement Account(IRA), and etc. It kind of sucked to be interviewed in a fully suited manner, mainly because it was like +80 degree in redwood city. Anyhow, this interview was quite interesting because of what the recruiters asked us to do; present to a group of interviewees about a promotion for a special home equity loan. The presentation wasn't necessarily hard or anything because we had 15 minutes to prepare and gather our thoughts. I personally thought the interview went well but i still kind of hate the "real" title of the job which is a retail sales position...sigh...Oh well, i just hope that this position could give me more background of the investment/consulting industry and later on a better opportunity comes knocking on my door.

That's racist....

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