Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9-1-09 Happy Birthday to me!

...sigh...I feel soOo damn old, I've finally reached 22 =[ I guess I'm in a bittersweet moment with this turning 22 thing because i had the best time of my life in a single year, 21. Looking back at 21, I think there was a lot I've accomplished. First and foremost, finishing the San Francisco Marathon had really help build up my self confidence, showing that if i put my mind into things, anything can happen. At that moment, i had this ego that anything can be possible if i put my mind into it, so things really did come true. What i thought would be impossible was indeed possible. I had hoped to graduate while I was still 21, and it happened! And only to realize to be the first grandson to graduate in this younger family generation. Following graduation, I've felt lost because there was simply no guidance in the real world. What i meant guidance was that school provided daily schedules and objectives, yet I no longer have that school support and guidance in the real world. While I was looking forward to land in my first real job, i had this wonderful idea of just letting loose and travel the world. What initially came in mind was Japan or Europe, I settled for Europe because there was less of a chance that I'll be visiting that place since it was much more of a foreign place than Asia+more costly. So a week later, wah-lah, arrived in London and followed by Rome. I had a wonderful experience at both locations but 3 weeks was just too much time in a foreign country. Surprisingly, just weeks later, my family booked a family trip to this 8 days East Coast and Canada tour(NYC, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia, Niagara Falls, Canada Toronto, Boston Massachusetts and more). Anyhow, many photos were taken of the best time of my life but I am just too lazy to constantly uploading 5 photos at a time, more photos could be found in facebook page. To end this entry, i just hope that the coming year will be just as fun and adventurous....

Here are some of the photos highlighting my good ol 21

Fun/challenging activities: marathon,triathlon, and tour de peninsula

Vacation: Europe trip, East Coast and Canada tour

Met some true friends and great friends along the way

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