Saturday, April 24, 2010


So last night was the very very last day for Wachovia, now their doors are closed forever. It was definitely a bitter sweet moment at the branch, didn't get out until late last night due to some unprep work. All in all, we made it out of the branch before midnight and had our toast and bittersweet good byes. It was quite an emotional fair well from our managers and our new district manager, mainly because we've been working with each other every single day and accustomed to the feeling like we're extended family(we're at the branch more than we're at home). Following the fair well, some went home while other headed over to happy hours at the Elephant Bar. We chilled at the bar for a bit, had a drink or two and chit chatted for a bit. We brought up both serious and silly conversations, which I thought was informative. Within those topics, I was given excellent advice and information towards my career path by my wonderful mentors. I would love to give special shout outs but some information must remain confidential as work policies go but they should know who they are.

Today was my first day with my new company who merged with Wachovia, Wellsfargo. I must say that I am excited with this new company and position. I was able to meet most of my colleagues today, they were very welcoming and very down to earth. One thing that I must get used to will be working at an in-store location. I think it may take me awhile to get used to this location because of how diverse my clients are, ranging from people who walk in with their bathing suits to baby boomer generation. Furthermore, this will take some time to get used to but I am ready to take on this challenge.

Long live Wachovia......


Twosidestory said...


You're at a different branch?

Danny T. said...

different company and different location