Sunday, February 7, 2010


Great game, a true underdog story.

Been gone for an entire week. So what happen this week? Like the usual, just work, work and work. But on Wensday night, after work, my workers and I had a celebrational dinner at Celias. The celebration was for performing as #1 branch in the entire west coast region. The dinner was fun because we all clowned on each other, even on our managers, so it really was a great experience. Not to mention, it was their treat, I also received a metal for being the top performer in January! This might of sound silly, but a teller is not just a person who do straight transactions every single day, believe it our not but we are more like Personal Banker's right hand man. What that mean is that we make sales referral, research, deal with client's B.S., and solicit existing+new client all day long....sigh.....Anyhow, on Friday we had a large family get together for my dad's side of the family, we all ate out and chilled at our place afterward. It was nice seeing my elder cousins and their kids, it's awkward being called an uncle nowadays, especially when their like only about 8 years younger than I am. Nonetheless, time fly's.

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