Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Pretty cool

No school today, César Chávez "holiday". Feeling much better than yesterday, i think i've caught the sickness from my younger brother Andy, who went camping on the balcony saturday night. Anyhow, the weather looks awesome today. So what i've done earlier today was go check up with my orthodontist. His comments were the usual, "wear your positioner or else you'll need braces again." I guess i'll really try this time, maybe part of my new year resolution??? After the quick chat, i was feeling quite hungry so i went to grab something to eat at Tommy's Joynt. That place is the bomb, right taste+portion and right price= satisfying meal.....(BBQ beef brisket)... Oh yeah, i tihnk everyone should try this place out because it's quite unique, filled with bunch of american historical stuff.

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