Thursday, March 12, 2009


For those who don't really pay attention to news, here's something to think about. Even though this story is quite old, it remains oblivious to some because their still young and social security benefits does not come at a young age. So the story goes by this dude name Bernard Madoff, whose now recognized as the Wall Street's largest investment swindler. What had happen was that back in December, there was a leak that he swindled $65 billion off his investors, mainly retirees and investors in general. If you pay close attention to the numbers(earning) of the richest person in America, this dude was once richer than Bill Gates. Anyhow, the people who really suffered from this swindle were old people and the people who invested their hard earned income into Wall Street. The verdict goes, he plead guilty to 11 felony counts and may receive maximum sentence of 150 years or serve 20 years prison concurrently. Yet, i don't think jail time justify for the lost of million of investors. Moreover, my little abstract kind of sum things up but reading from the original source may be more

One of my all time favorite singer, back when i was in middle school :]

I want a Porsche

Sometimes people just gots to stop playing games. Many of you might already been aware of this news , which happened recently, was another school shoot up. Yet this time it was not in the US, but in

Some scary


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