Monday, May 24, 2010


So what have I been up to lately...From what I can recall, I've been doing a lot of thinking and primarily of how I got to the place of where I am today. Although I have been associating myself with other highly intelligent individuals(not limited to work), I realize that I might of fallen victim to skepticism. Earlier this year I have received this horoscope reading from a friend but I at the time I didn't take it too seriously. Though I am always open minded, I've always been those type of person who didn't believe in faith and your path is indeed in your own hands. Anyhow, as I was trying to recap my life and events of the past year, I discovered a familiar pattern with myself which supposedly been written somewhere. Because I thought I was losing it, I did a bit of research and I so happen to find what I was looking for. It was the exact horoscope I was searching for. Many of what was written was definitely on the spot, it's just the second half that didn't occur yet. So if the second half of the horoscope does occur, I think I'll be blown away. Furthermore, I hope this horoscope won't do me wrong and that this "open minded person" may be the one.

"Virgo, 2010 just might be your most fortunate year ever! On New Year's Day there will be no fewer than four planets in Capricorn, an Earth Sign associated with business, which is very compatible with your sign. What this indicates is that whatever your circumstances in 2009, this year will involve a substantial step upward. Career and financial matters will probably be the strongest, but since Venus is involved, romance and any matters associated with love and beauty will also come to the forefront. Indian summer - August and September - brings romantic matters to the forefront. When you make your New Year's resolutions, don't be too hard on yourself."


Twosidestory said...

What about Libra

Danny T. said...

Libra, in 2010, Saturn will be in your sign for the entire year, so you're going to be concentrating primarily on your job. You like your work and don't mind putting in extra time when you need to, but be careful not to become too obsessed with it - or the money that it brings in. If you aren't already romantically involved, you might have little time to pursue a social life. Unless you're lucky enough to meet somebody on the job, you might have to put in some real effort to meet someone special. Those who are already in a committed relationship will need to put some effort into your relationship if you want to bring back the magic. But as a romantic Libra, you can do it!

Twosidestory said...

I'm romantic...hehehe...nice to know