Thursday, August 27, 2009


Friday is nearing which only means weekend is nearing! Anyhow, i stumbled upon an interesting article on facebook which talks about the budget cut in the California school system. What made this article particular more attracting was because of the article's interviewee's and the campus location SFSU. After reading this article, i personally felt relieved. I was glad to be out of college because many students wasn't able to enroll into their prerequisite class' which then translates into more years in college. Not to mention, tuition increased about $500....and that's without the price of textbooks. While skimming through this article, it's sad to learn that this budget cut had such a great impact on students. For example, financial aids are harder to get, due to the requirements of needing to be a full time student, many were turned away because they couldn't get enough units. A more detailed example of the effect from the budget cut was this business accounting 100 course which could only accept 70 students but had more than 40 students on the waiting list. Sadly, students fell in despair and called it quit. Nevertheless, this is just such a bad look for California government and we're supposed to be one of the booming

The article had a picture of one of my previous economics professor, Joanna Moss aka "Monotone".

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Watched this last night,it was soOo cOoL!

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